WELCOME to Limited Editions on Silk!



Hello, fellow MAP artist. This is Robbie inviting you to participate in a new
worldwide venture that will help you increase your recognition as an artist
with something unique.

I developed my proprietary process for reproducing art on pure silk after twelve years of research and development. The website for marketing the silk is a division of Custom Poster Works, Inc. called Designer Scarves by Marlena.

You deserve to increase your visibility as an artist and your work on silk will ensure that it happens. In
order to share this new technology with deserving artists I will produce your art from digital files to any
size up to 42” (105 cm) by any length at only $10.00 USD per square foot, plus shipping.

Exclusive offer to participants in MyArtProfile!


● Your intellectual property ownership is always honored (all production in the USA).
● I drop ship to your patrons upon request at no additional charge.
● I link to your website if you choose.
● If you do not have a website I will make room on mine for your own web presence.
● Small minimum! Only three square feet.
● 100% pure silk, sheer, light as air, washable and colorfast with vivid detail as never before.
● You determine the number of reproductions to ensure value.
● I assist you in producing advertising and publicity packages if you wish.
● I maintain an FTP site for ease of transporting large files.
● Small proofs supplied for shipping and handling cost only.
● I archive your file so that additional orders are print ready on demand.
● ONLY $10.00 USD per square foot including hem to all MAP artists.

Email for more information or call at 321 206 1244

Click Here to view our Silk Catalog


● Deborah Voizin (debsart1 on MAP) ● Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli (www.AZFoto.com)
● Eddie Sargent (sargeart18 on MAP) ● Sheree Ebanks (www.canvasworks.ky)
● John Smeets (www.johnsmeets.com) ● Hugh Stockton (www.lightechos.com)
●Andy Bershaw (www.abdigital photography.com)



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